Kaimana Jaquias

Birth date: Feb 26 1993

Nickname: Mana Boi

Hometown: Lihue,Kauai, HI

Age started surfing: Age 2 was my first wave Age 7 was my first contest. 

Sponsors: Quality Surfboards Hawaii, Rockstar Energy, OnAMission traction


food: Chicken Parmesan
wave: Kealia on kauai
surfers: My dad, Irons Brothers, Slater, Mason Ho
non-surfers: Bj Penn and Kevin Hart
destination: No place like home!
car: I have a 01 Tundra. I have my dream car haha'

My bro's: If I leave anyone out Id feel bad.. Im boys with DA BOYS

Goals for this winter: Get a wave everyone remembers

Hobbies: Basketball

Instagram: @manaboi
twitter: @kaimanajaquias

Best results: 2010 NSSA nationals Mens champion

Plans for touring?
Work my way up on the WQS then qualify for the WCT with in the next few years..

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